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Character Building & Life Skills

Maxkidz® Academy
Ideal Education System*

Custom education system and standardized quality.
21st Century Learning Framework and Multiple Intelligences Pedagogy.
We can manage the complexity and cost of curriculum and materials.
Learning design can be designed specifically for each student,
acceleration is adjusted to the ability of each student.
Students who have learning difficulties can get maximum attention.
Flexibility in managing school time, place of study, teaching materials, school fees, etc.
Flexible classes: private / regular, multilingual, offline / online classes.
Accommodating children with special needs.
Supported by professional and entrepreneurial skills programs.
Official diplomas can be used to continue study to higher level.
Prioritizing Covid-19 health and safety protocols.


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Maxkidz Daycare

Various reasons from special activities which require daddy and mommy to work, while currently looking for a good baby sitter who is able to support the child's development process is not easy, not to mention that various problems often consume a lot of our time, energy and thoughts. Maxkidz Daycare comes with a homey atmosphere to help solve the problems of parents who are busy with various matters of work or running a very busy business, while children need support for optimal growth and development.

Maxkidz Daycare

Maxkidz Daycare is a daycare center with a homey concept that maintains a comfortable, safe atmosphere, creates creativity, educative and located in a strategic residential area that is easily accessible, so that the baby will feel comfortable like being in their own home environment. With good air circulation and adequate lighting in the room, it really supports activities and stimulates children's growth and development to be more optimal.

Maxkidz Daycare


  • Daytime childcare:
    • Full day care
    • Half day care
  • Drop in and emergency / insidental
  • School holiday childcare (available only for siblings of enrolled child)


Maxkidz Daycare


Operational time: MONDAY - FRIDAY at 7:30 to 16:00 pm . Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays are closed (holidays can accommodate special requests as long as the conditions can be fulfill).

Maxkidz Daycare


  • Interactive Multimedia support.
  • Counseling for child development.
  • Child Psychology Consultation.
  • The playroom and bedroom are safe, comfortable and clean
  • Nanny whom love children.
  • Free healthy snacks in the morning and afternoon.
  • Daily reports include toilet training, eating activities, daily programs, etc.
  • Measure the physical / growth of children on a regular basis.
  • Play activities as a motor.
  • An educational program that focuses on children's growth and development, instilling independence and social ethics in children.
  • Homey concept, safe, comfortable and fun place equipped with CCTV.
  • Bed, pillow, quilt, shower equipment and personal lunch box incuding snack for every children.
  • Specialist children doctor and dentist visit periodically to check upon children growth and health.
  • Monthly observation and also review so both parents and Maxkidz can observe children health together.
  • ID finger print droping off and picking up children. 


Maxkidz Daycare


The curriculum focuses on supporting children's growth and development, include the ability to interact and participate in various activities that can improve language skills and key life skills. Thematic curriculum every month and designed to accommodate the needs of children's growth and development: fine motoric skills, coarse motoric skills, emotional skills, social skills, communication skills, cognitive skills.

With lots of fun educational games, kids are introduced to a variety of fun activities that they can learn through play!

Maxkidz Daycare



Maxkidz Preschool

In the 21st century, competition in various sector of life is very tight, including education sector, especially science education. We are faced with the importance of qualified human resources who are able to develop. Quality human resources are produced by quality education so that they are able to overcome the problems faced. Therefore Education plays a very important role and strategy in building a knowledge society that has the main skills of the 21st century.

The skills and competencies of the Maxkidz Preschool program are based on the premise that effective learning, or deeper learning, is a set of student educational outcomes including the acquisition of strong core academic content, higher order thinking skills, and learning dispositions. This pedagogy involves creating, working with others, analyzing, and presenting and sharing both learning experiences and learned knowledge or wisdom, including to peers and mentors and teachers:

  1. Mastering technology and media
  2. make effective communication
  3. Critical thinking
  4. Solve the problem
  5. Collaborate

Maxkidz Preschool

During the Golden Ages, children need a foundation for character building and basic mastery of life skills. We understand that holistic education is an important investment for a child's future. The higher the quality of education absorbed by children, the more open future opportunities to win competitions in a global society will be.

Maxkidz Preschool

Maxkidz Preschool is an early childhood education institution from Toddler (Pre-Playgroup) to Bilingual Kindergarten (Kindergarten) with a homy concept that is truly a family base and comfortable, is an ideal place to prepare and build a foundation-the basic life skills of your golden generation, character building, social skills to emotional control, with a curriculum based on Quantum Teaching and Inquiry-Base Learning (IBL) supported by Montessori and multimedia-animation accommodating Multiple Intelligences (MI).

Maxkidz Preschool

Maxkidz Preschool with a methodology based on 21st century skill development standards will prepare children's ability to behave adaptively and positively so that they can solve daily needs and challenges effectively from an early age and prepare a positive competitive mentality as a cultured global leader.

Maxkidz Preschool

Combining Quantum Teaching-Inquiry and Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) methods supported by montessori and multimedia - animation technology is expected to support the empowerment process in maximizing Multiple Intelligences at the golden age.


Maxkidz Preschool



  • Brain Development
  • Movement Development
  • Language Development
  • Socio-Emotional
  • Eye-hand Co-ordination
  • Practical life skills
  • Art Development


Maxkidz Preschool & Daycare


  • Language
  • Logic math
  • Science
  • Spiritual-Socio-Emotional
  • Socio-cultural
  • Creative Arts & Technology
  • Practical Life
  • Nationality & Culture
  • Kinesthetic-Sensorial


Maxkidz Preschool & Daycare


  • Multilingual - National Plus (21st century based skills)
  • Logic math
  • Science
  • Spiritual-Socio-Emotional
  • Socio-cultural
  • Creative Arts & Technology
  • Practical Life
  • Nationality & Culture
  • Kinesthetic-Sensorial


Maxkidz Preschool & Daycare



  • TODDLERS: ages from 18 months.
  • NURSERY-1: ages from 2 years old.
  • NURSERY-2: ages from 3 years old.
  • KINDERGARTEN-1: ages from 4 years old.
  • KINDERGARTEN-2: ages from 5 years old.

■ Accommodating children with special needs.
■ Open TRIAL class with terms & conditions apply.

Maxkidz Preschool & Daycare

Maxkidz Preschool & Daycare

Maxkidz Preschool & Daycare

Maxkidz Preschool & Daycare

Maxkidz Preschool & Daycare
Our educational environment is designed to be calm and safe which makes children feel comfortable and safe like being at home.

Maxkidz Preschool & Daycare

We're loved by kids,
adored by parents

Maxkidz Preschool
early childhood education programs

Maxkidz Preschool program is a level of education with coaching efforts aimed to early childhood. Maxkidz Preschool service program is carried out to provide educational stimulation, to help physical and mental growth also development so that children have readiness to enter further education, which is held on formal, non-formal, and informal education channels.

By following Maxkidz Preschool program, we can ensure that children can optimize themselves at their golden age and growth development, cognitively, motorically, and psychologically.


Maxkidz Preschool
Maxkidz Preschool Accommodate of Multiple Intelligences

Maxkidz® Preschool is a pre-school education program from the age of 1.5 years old (Pre-Playgroup, Playgroup, Kindergarten) based on Multiple Intellingences (MI) with Intelligence modalities: musical-rhythmic and harmonic, visual-spatial, verbal-linguistic, logical- mathematical, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalistic, existential.

Maxkidz Preschool also accommodates 21st Century Learning to form and develop more optimal and balanced left, middle and right brain intelligence, equipping a number of basic global competencies such as art & science, language, technology, character, organization, and entrepreneurship, so that children are better prepared to face challenges in the future as a cultured global society.



Maxkidz Preschool
Prepare yourself to be part of the global citizen

Maxkidz® Preschool mengimplementasi pola pendidikan yang mengakomodasi 21st Century Skills dalam lima langkah berdasarkan rekomendasi Jeff Craig:

  1. Create awareness and urgency
  2. Focus on the most critical skills
  3. Implementation and design
  4. Facilitate development
  5. Evaluation and continuous improvement

Extracurricular activities at Maxkidz® Preschool:

Kegiatan ekstrakurikuler pendukung tumbuh kembang anak dan mengakomodasi multiple intelligences

  • Papercraft
  • Clay
  • Science
  • Logic-Math
  • Lasy / Lego-Robotic
  • Singing & Dance
  • Multimedia
  • Animation
  • Drawing & Painting
  • Mengaji
  • Devosion
  • dll

Maxkidz Preschool
Maxkidz® Preschool Facilities and Support
  1. Sistem berbasis MI*, science dan teknologi
  2. Kurikulum nasional plus (go to global - 21st century)
  3. Dukungan Multimedia interaktif yang menyenangkan
  4. Konseling tumbuh kembang anak
  5. Alat Bantu Permainan (ABP) terstandar teruji dan aman
  6. Mengembangkan sendiri Teknologi 3D ABP multimedia
  7. Parent meeting dan family gathering
  8. Konsultasi Psikologi Anak
  9. Ruang baca dan perpustakaan
  10. Guru berkualitas, cinta anak dan up-to-date wawasan
  11. Program Home Visit
  12. Kegiatan creativity club dan ekstra kurikuler
  13. Tempat berkonsep Homy yang aman, nyaman dan menyenangkan
  14. Antar/jemput siswa termonitor (finger print ID)

Maxkidz Programs


Flexible and integrated school that accommodates children with special needs: Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School


Supporting children's growth and development in various activities that can improve language skills and key life skills

Preschool & Daycare

Creative activities integrated between art-science-technology that supports development of phsicology during the child's growth period

Creativity Club

Family Education and Development: Child and family psychology, child nutrition, parent communication, family projects, etc.




Kids Art

Kids Creativity & Tech: arts & crafts, digital media, information technology, coding - robotics, etc.
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Get various benefits and exciting things in the Maxkidz community: arts & crafts, digital media, technology
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I love learning in Maxkidz. I learn many things here. It was so fun learning here. (Gaby)
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Maxkidz, a wonderful place for learning draw Manga and Animation. In there, you... (Julio)
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