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Bringing The Nation's Generation to be Part of The World's Future Designers

Rudi Wibowo

Chairman of the Founding Council


We live in a century of rapid change, in an increasingly widespread and globalized environment. We realized that information and communication due to technological advances have shortened distance between countries in the world. All of them have changed lifestyle, work, and society. An education system that is able to adapt and reflect these dynamics is the most capable in responding effectively to the needs of society and today's changing labor market, not only through one step but also must always be innovative continuously. This is the main basis that the world of education must become an agent in ensuring that the products of the school system which are able to work in a world that has become a global society.

So, the main point is education should not be based only on basic knowledge, but also how to create new knowledge countinously, then swon and develop the outputs that can be adapted to various needs in the era of Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0.

But what about our current school system? Are you ready to become a global change agent? I am saddened to see schools around us today that are still very much like the schools of a century ago, as in a factory that resembles a mechanistic assembly line, both in form and functionality. In the end, it only produces robot products that are uniform and very rigid, not ready to face global changes. This condition is very bad where each child clearly has a unique personality and different dominant intelligence, but it is not optimized to produce good collaboration, even our standardization of the uniform process and educational output. And what's worse is that children who are not uniform in the outdated education system are even considered stupid. Based on this, it has driven my strong desire to realize the ideal integrated school for 21st century education, namely Maxkidz Academy, which brings generations of nations to collaborate with each other to become part of the future designers of a smart world.




Let's Support Maxkidz In Building Education With the Competence of '21st Century Learning Partnership'

Nur Safu'ati, S.Pd., M.M.

Chairman of the Board of Trustees


The era of Industrial Revolution 4.0 had brought tremendous impact in various sector of life. This condition encourages schools as educational institutions to be able to organize learning processes that are creative, full of enthusiasm, interesting and innovative. One of the ways to innovate the learning process is through the development of multiple intelligences that involve elements of technology for learning. The development of multiple intelligences in the learning process requires creativity from the teacher in selecting and establishing the right learning strategy model.The evaluation instrument also not only directed in measuring cognitive aspects, but also covers all aspects of the competencies needed by students so that they are expected to be able to develop student competencies as a whole. The final result can form adaptive individuals who are able to compete in the era of the Industrial revolution 4.0 and Society 5.0. without having to leave the local culture.

The characteristics of the 21st century according to the Ministry of Education and Culture are that we can access information anywhere and anytime (information), the application of the use of machines (computing), reach many routine jobs (automation) and can communicate from anywhere and anytime (communication). Experts say that in the last 20 years there has been a development of educational development towards ICT as one of the 21st century education management strategies which includes institutional governance and human resources (Soderstrom, From, Lovqvist, & Tornquist, 2011). This century requires a complete transformation of education so as to improve the quality of teachers who are able to advance knowledge, student equity, and student achievement (Darling-Hammond, 2006; Azam & Kingdon, 2014).

Maxkidz Academy is an educational institution with 21st century educational characteristics that has a mission and direction of positive transformation that brings enthusiasm and inspiration to the world of education, Let's support Maxkidz Academy's work in the world of education to present generations of global community strengths with local cultural characters supported by skills and knowledge in the era of Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0. and build the world of education in Indonesia with the competence of 'partnership 21st Century Learning. Greetings Indonesia Forward!



Working Together To Shape Children's Future

Dorotea Alfa Omega, S.Psi.



Maxkidz Academy is an ideal place for children to learn important things, unleash creativity and develop their potential for the future. We teach and guide with love, with a focus on our vision and mission to build intelligent, dynamic, competitive, cultural, environmental and global-minded people for a better and sustainable future for the world.

No child is the same, every child is unique. By understanding that every child has different abilities and unique needs, we optimize the dominant intelligence in each child in different ways and strategies.

Maxkidz Academy supports all children including children’s accommodation with special needs to growth and develope optionally. Our uniqueness is that we design and deliver a different curriculum for each different child, and we invite parents to be involved in every process. Thus, we have prepared the design and target for the children's future plans from the start with the parents.

In teaching and learning process, our teachers and staffs are dedicated to being people who love children, loyal, patient and enthusiastic in guiding and paying special attention to each child who is different with quality standards and quality in each of our programs with the environment that is friendly, safe and takes care of any special educational needs. With our love for children, the teaching-learning process will be more optimal. Children grow up with empathy, confidence, logical thinking and creative with optimal IQ (Intellegent Quotient), EQ (emotional Quotient), SQ (Spiritual Quotient).

Let's all parents, we build a generation for the future of our children. They deserve the best for the future.

Maxkidz® Academy
Ideal Education System*

Custom education system and standardized quality.
21st Century Learning Framework and Multiple Intelligences Pedagogy.
We can manage the complexity and cost of curriculum and materials.
Learning design can be designed specifically for each student,
acceleration is adjusted to the ability of each student.
Students who have learning difficulties can get maximum attention.
Flexibility in managing school time, place of study, teaching materials, school fees, etc.
Flexible classes: private / regular, multilingual, offline / online classes.
Accommodating children with special needs.
Supported by professional and entrepreneurial skills programs.
Official diplomas can be used to continue study to higher level.
Prioritizing Covid-19 health and safety protocols.


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