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We must understand that every child has a unique and different personality. Although in the process of development there are many similarities, each child will have its own uniqueness that is different from one another. Even they are twins, there must be a difference between one and the other. The uniqueness can be caused by genetic factors, physical diversity or other diversities/differences formed through the environment, for example in terms of specific characters, namely their respective interests and talents. Because of this basis, each child must require special handling that is different from one another, especially in the learning process.

It is very fortunate if children are educated in a family environment and school environment that is very understanding and can fulfill the needs of different children, both are comprehensively not only about material or education but also to fulfill other important needs such as the formation of the child's self-quality in the process of growth and development from an early age. The role of parents and schools are greatly affects the creation of self-quality in children.

Therefore, Maxkidz® Academy - Indonesia is under the auspices of as an integrated educational institution for children from an early age (PAUD / TK) to the equivalent of SD - SMP - SMA which accommodates children with special needs with an official Decree (SK) issued by the government. The Republic of Indonesia through the Education Office with the National School Registerd Number (Identity School Number) P9997057, realizes that education is an important investment for the future of children. By improving the quality of one's self, there will be more opportunities to win competitions in the surrounding community that increase the global or the challenges of the global community itself.And we continue to inspire and motivate and encourage our students for greater aspirations and the best opportunities in fighting for the nation's generation, strong characters with local wisdom are able to win the competition in the midst of global competition.



Maxkidz® Academy has a dynamic curriculum standard that accommodates the official curriculum standards applicable in the country of residence. In Indonesia, Maxkidz in addition to developing its own education system, our team periodically performs synchronization updates so that they can be continuously available to support the national education system in Indonesia. All levels, pathways, and types of Maxkidz education in Indonesia implement the system. One of the latest education programs that Maxkidz accommodations in Indonesia is the “12 Years of Compulsory Education”, namely 6 years of Elementary School, 3 years of Junior High School, and High School. This aims to display the image of education and local culture, and can also complement the shortcomings to improve the quality of the official education system of the authority where Maxkidz is located.

Maxkidz® Academy from the beginning was designed and established to be an ideal integrated education center for families and each child with different characteristics. To optimize the learning process and output, the Maxkidz® Academy curriculum is designed by combining Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Multiple Intelligences (MI) whice the technical implementation supports by several other learning methods, including Mind Map, Montessori, Quantum Learning and the development of another recent popular global learning methods.

By building the basic character, knowledge, skills and competency-based competitiveness of the 21st century, Maxkidz® Academy really prepares children to be ready to face industrial revolution 4.0 competition and society 5.0 era while encouraging children to be ready to become an important part of a global society that remains proud and loves culture. his own nation.

Through a curriculum that accommodates children's dominant intelligence, we prepare expertise / professionals in special fields and the basics of Entrepreneurship. abilities. Maxkidz® Academy Indonesia is under the auspices of the CHILDREN'S TECHNOLOGY AND INTELLIGENCE DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION ( and has been established since 2008, currently Maxkidz® Academy remains consistent in family and children's education. Maxkidz® Academy continues to adhere to it’s vision and mission to contribute more and more in improving the ability of family to understand the importance of holistic parenting skills and knowledge to be able to build quality education for ideal children for a broad future, to be part of the world's future designers.



VISION: To build a generation that is smart, dynamic, competitive, loves culture, the environment and has global perspective that can play a role in the future of the world.


  • Creating quality integrated education programs and accommodating the 21st Century learning system.
  • Educating generations to be able to lead and position themselves as professionals, inspirations, motivators, and managers in their groups or areas of expertise.
  • Creating the future opportunities for children, including children with special needs through dynamic educational patterns that can be tailored to the needs and abilities of children.
  • Create effective programs to increase skills, knowledge and attitudes, which support positive child health, growth, development, learning and protection.




    S = Specific = work specifically - details
    M = Measureable = works widely
    A = Archievable = work with a clear target organizer
    R = Result Oriented = work with results oriented
    T = Timeline = work with time discipline oriented
    E = Evaluation = perform performance evaluation
    R = Review Purpose = remember/refocus on the goal
    S = So Excited! = full of enthusiasm and joy at work




In the 21st century, competition in various fields of life is very tight, including the field of education, especially science and technology education. We are faced with the importance of qualified human resources who are able to develop. Quality human resources are produced by quality education so that they are able to overcome the problems faced. Therefore, Education plays a very important role and strategy in building a knowledgeable society 21st CENTURY STUDENT OUTCOMES:

  1. Global Awareness
  2. Financial, Economic, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy
  3. Civic Literacy
  4. Health Literacy
  5. Environmental Literacy


Our focus on creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration is essential to prepare students for the future through the skills:


Framework 21st  Century Learning



  • HOMESCHOOL - Realizing education for all children individually and also accommodating for children with special needs: Pre-school (PAUD / Kindergarten), Elementary, Junior High School, Senior High Schoolread more>
  • PRESCHOOL & DAYCARE - Enrichment center for children and families: Babies, toddlers, playgroups/pre-kindergarten, kindergarten... selengkapnya>
  • CREATIVITY CLUB - Specific skills courses and clubs for children and youth based on their interests and talents in Industry 4.0 applications: arts & crafts, digital media, information technology... selengkapnya>
  • PARENTING - an integrated parenting program for parents to enjoy and improve skills in educating and assisting families: a center for family development and strengthening... selengkapnya>




  • Maxkidz® Academy can meet content standards and process standards.
  • Maxkidz® Academy becomes a mediator who can improve entrepreneurial skills with leadership skills and management competencies as well as professional abilities or special skills that are important for the future of students who support the needs of the Industry 4.0 Era and Society 5.0.
  • Maxkidz Academy expands networks that can support future competencies and opportunities for students to become an important part of a global society.
  • Maxkidz® Academy can optimally develop and implement education based on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Multiple Intelligences (MI) curricula and develop those which are technically supported by Mind Map, Quantum Teaching and the development of the latest global popular methods that can be harmonized with institution's vision and mission.
  • Maxkidz® Academy with global insight can continue to maintain values by aligning local culture and utilizing IoT (Internet of things) technology.
  • Maxkidz® Academy has plus national standard facilities and infrastructure.



Maxkidz® Academy
Ideal Education System*

Custom education system and standardized quality.
21st Century Learning Framework and Multiple Intelligences Pedagogy.
We can manage the complexity and cost of curriculum and materials.
Learning design can be designed specifically for each student,
acceleration is adjusted to the ability of each student.
Students who have learning difficulties can get maximum attention.
Flexibility in managing school time, place of study, teaching materials, school fees, etc.
Flexible classes: private / regular, multilingual, offline / online classes.
Accommodating children with special needs.
Supported by professional and entrepreneurial skills programs.
Official diplomas can be used to continue study to higher level.
Prioritizing Covid-19 health and safety protocols.


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