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Hi all! We are an enthusiastic Maxkidz team, happy to greet you all, including our loyal partners. Let's we create good development and beneficial cooperation for our environment for a better and sustainable future. Let's keep the spirit of building a generation together.

Maxkidz Academy collaboration with various parties who are in line with our vision-mission and institution. And Maxkidz Academy will continue to open opportunity to collaborate to other parties to produce beneficial programs for community.

To Maxkidz Academy partner: corporations from various fields, schools and other educational institutions, social organizations, health organizations, entrepreneur association, universities, government institutions, friends on behalf of and so on who we cannot mention one by one who have doing extraordinary things with all his enthusiasm with us. We thank you for all your trust. Hopefully with this collaboration we can build a better and more advanced society together.

For cooperation, please email to: and confirm to WhatsApp number 085222222105.


Maxkidz® Academy
Ideal Education System*

Custom education system and standardized quality.
21st Century Learning Framework and Multiple Intelligences Pedagogy.
We can manage the complexity and cost of curriculum and materials.
Learning design can be designed specifically for each student,
acceleration is adjusted to the ability of each student.
Students who have learning difficulties can get maximum attention.
Flexibility in managing school time, place of study, teaching materials, school fees, etc.
Flexible classes: private / regular, multilingual, offline / online classes.
Accommodating children with special needs.
Supported by professional and entrepreneurial skills programs.
Official diplomas can be used to continue study to higher level.
Prioritizing Covid-19 health and safety protocols.


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Kids Art

Kids Creativity & Tech: arts & crafts, digital media, information technology, coding - robotics, etc.
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Get various benefits and exciting things in the Maxkidz community: arts & crafts, digital media, technology
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I love learning in Maxkidz. I learn many things here. It was so fun learning here. (Gaby)
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Maxkidz, a wonderful place for learning draw Manga and Animation. In there, you... (Julio)
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