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Building a cultured character of
Entrepreneurship and Special Skills

Maxkidz® Academy
Ideal Education System*

Custom education system and standardized quality.
21st Century Learning Framework and Multiple Intelligences Pedagogy.
We can manage the complexity and cost of curriculum and materials.
Learning design can be designed specifically for each student,
acceleration is adjusted to the ability of each student.
Students who have learning difficulties can get maximum attention.
Flexibility in managing school time, place of study, teaching materials, school fees, etc.
Flexible classes: private / regular, multilingual, offline / online classes.
Accommodating children with special needs.
Supported by professional and entrepreneurial skills programs.
Official diplomas can be used to continue study to higher level.
Prioritizing Covid-19 health and safety protocols.


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Maxkidz Homeschool

What are the advantages of homeschooling over public schools? Generally, we know many things about public schools, but it is different from homeschooling or home-based schools/schools at home. With homeschooling, we can be more confident that children will continue to participate in school activities and stay in their own safe, calm and comfortable environment for children every day. With homeschooling, parents can also accompany their children during learning activities, especially when supported by the right teacher, they will be able to understand the subject matter faster. Another advantage of homeschooling, we can manage our own time so it's easier because of its flexibility.

Maxkidz Homeschool

The results of various opinions from a survey institution, parents whose children go to homeschooling say that their children can do well, in a safe, comfortable and very familiar environment. With a comfortable and safe environment at home, children can learn well, even families or parents can directly monitor child's learning process comfortably.

Maxkidz Homeschool


  • The option of curriculum according to children's needs, including support for children with special needs
  • The education system supports a 21st century learning framework that supports the era of Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0
  • Parents can choose the best teacher for themselves
  • Parents can manage their own education budget from the start
  • Special support for children's psychological development
  • Place, study time can be arranged flexibly
  • As long as the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, children can learn more safely and comfortably by implementing health protocols and being monitored
  • While currently each school in the online teaching and learning process is not optimal, at Maxkidz Homeschool the teaching and learning process remains optimal with a private / semi-private system, supported by psychological supervision
  • Standardized custom teaching materials and processes and utilize
  • From the beginning, children are prepared to have abilities in special fields or entrepreneurs according to the needs of Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 which are important
    for independent readiness for the future when entering the community.
  • Official diploma and can be used to continue education at a higher level at home and abroad

Maxkidz Homeschool




Maxkidz Homeschool curriculum is carefully designed to be easily accepted by all children, including Children with Special Needs. Our curriculum team is required to use the theoretical foundations of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Multiple Intelligences (MI) whose technical implementation supports several other learning methods, including Mind Map, Montessori, Quantum Learning and the development of the latest popular global learning methods.

Maxkidz Homeschool

Maxkidz Homeschool realize that the best homeschool curriculum is one that is easy to follow and provides children need fully. Maxkidz Homeschool curriculum is very dynamic which adapted to children need. And parents can design curriculum that really suits their children's needs and can still adjust their own budget.

Maxkidz Homeschool


  1. TK (Preschool)
  2. SD 1-6 (Elementary equivalent)
  3. SMP 7-9 (Junior High School equivalent)
  4. SMA 10-12 (Senior High School equivalent)

Accommodating children with special needs.


  • CLASSICAL: Students come to Maxkidz (every day according to schedule).
  • TUTORIAL: The teacher comes to the student's house (flexible time and place).
  • INDEPENDENTLY: Students carry out independent learning at home.


  • SPECIAL: Children with special needs, with special support by child psychology (flexible time and place).
  • IMMERSION: Introduction to L2/Second Language (English / Chinese / other languages)* with special support by child psychology (flexible time and place).
  • PRIVILEGE: Educational program designed exclusively for children who want to get special education with high quality to optimize the ability of their interests and talents.

*) As long as conditions are available

Maxkidz Homeschool


With the advent of the global 4.0 industrial revolution, there is an increase in manufacturing digitization that increases factors such as the expanding of information source and accessibility, requirmene of transfer and volume data, networks and the Internet of Things (IoT), computing power that drives the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to sharpen competition which caused the needs of analysis, ability and intellegency of business/entrepreneurial, even the need of new interactions between machines which are very much needed to optimize the competitive power of professions/expertise in special sector that are compatible in the era of the needs of Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0.

Every child with unique characteristics who have different opportunities. Our obligation in addition to providing good educational needs, we are also obliged to prepare children's future opportunities by providing skills in special fields or entrepreneurial abilities. In accordance with Maxkidz Academy's vision and mission, we have prepared entrepreneurship and professional programs to improve the competence of our graduates as part of a global society in the midst of the Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0 revolution:

Maxkidz Homeschool


Maxkidz Academy Professional Program is a program to prepare students to become professional characters with special skills to support compatible professional related to the needs of Industry 4.0 to Society 5.0 with special skill requirements (accommodating Law No. 20 of 2003 on the National Education System).

Maxkidz Homeschool


Maxkidz Academy Entrepreneurship Program is a program to prepare children to have an entrepreneurial or business character that teaches how to identify new ideas, concepts, and strategies in planning and developing a business or business. Through this program, children are challenged to find and respond to various opportunities that exist in the business world. This program trains children's sensitivity and independence to be an entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs responsive to the needs of the Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0 Era. Through this program, children are taught from looking for ideas, planning, to running a business. The basics of science are taught from business models, innovation theory, business planning, risk management, investment and funding, business negotiation and legality, business startup, and business development.

Maxkidz Homeschool

21st Century

Maxkidz Homeschool
Growing up with our homeschool is very exciting
  1. More time with family.
  2. More time so there is greater opportunity to pursue positive hobbies and other interests.
  3. Time and place are more flexible.
  4. Help the condition of children who have difficulty in the learning process both psychologically and physically.
  5. Equip your child to learn in real-life contexts.
  6. Atmosphere for “live out” with a good religious atmosphere.
  7. Children who study at home have more opportunities to connect with people of all ages.
  8. Children who study at home tend to have strong self-awareness, good work ethic and awareness of tolerance.
  9. Parents have a great opportunity to take full responsibility for the education of their children.
  10. Parents can play an active role as principals for the children themselves


Maxkidz Homeschool
Our Teaching Method Supports children's Multiple Intelligences

Maxkidz® Homeschool program with a home-family-based school education system that accommodates 21st Century Learning forms and develops left, middle and right brain intelligence more optimally and balanced, equipping a number of global basic abilities such as arts & science, language, technology, character, organization, and entrepreneurship so that children are better prepared to face the challenges of the future as a cultured global society.

With a learning method based on Quantum teaching - Inquiry or Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) that accomodate achievement in maximizing Multiple Intelligences, it makes easier for students to understand learning materials proportionally and perspectives so that children are able to think intelligently, dynamically, analytically, scientifically in creating answers or solutions from various questions or problems through the results of real learning experiences.


Maxkidz Homeschool
Prepare yourself to be part of the global citizen

Maxkidz® implements an educational pattern that accommodates 21st Century Skills in five steps based on Jeff Craig's recommendations:

  1. Create awareness and urgency
  2. Focus on the most important skills
  3. Implementation and design
  4. facilitate development
  5. Continuous evaluation and improvement

Mastery of basic subjects and 21st century themes is essential for 21st century students at Maxkidz® Homeschool:

  • English, reading or language arts
  • World languages ​​(Mandarin, Japanese)
  • Arts, Crafts and Culture
  • Personality development
  • Economy
  • Leadership & Entrepreneur
  • Spiritual-Religion
  • Computer Services and Software
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Robots (Lego®)
  • Graphic Design & Advertising
  • Architectur
  • Animation (2D, 3D, Stopmotion)
  • Film and Photography
  • Performing art Festival
  • Music, Singing, Dancing
  • Interactive Games
  • Drawing painting
  • Mode
  • Food-Cooking
  • Research & Development
  • History and Geography
  • Government and Citizenship
  • etc

Maxkidz Homeschool
Our Facilities and Support
  1. Consultation of children’s psycology
  2. Special support for handling psychological problems and child therapist programs
  3. Inquiry based learning system
  4. Teachers understand and love children
  5. Expertise materials that support development of children's psychology and skills as the 21st century generation are based on special fields that are important as a global society

System flexibility that strongly supports children's needs and parents' budgets:

  • Support special children / special needs
  • Parents can choose the best teacher for their children
  • Choose a curriculum that can be adapted to the needs of children's growth and development and the target level of professional skills from an early age
  • Special psychological development support with the support of a child therapist program
  • Various expertise programs in special sector that are very important and needed in the future
  • Parents can freely set the best education budget for their own children

Maxkidz Programs


Flexible and integrated school that accommodates children with special needs: Preschool, Elementary, Middle School, High School


Supporting children's growth and development in various activities that can improve language skills and key life skills

Preschool & Daycare

Creative activities integrated between art-science-technology that supports development of phsicology during the child's growth period

Creativity Club

Family Education and Development: Child and family psychology, child nutrition, parent communication, family projects, etc.




Kids Art

Kids Creativity & Tech: arts & crafts, digital media, information technology, coding - robotics, etc.
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Get various benefits and exciting things in the Maxkidz community: arts & crafts, digital media, technology
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I love learning in Maxkidz. I learn many things here. It was so fun learning here. (Gaby)
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Maxkidz, a wonderful place for learning draw Manga and Animation. In there, you... (Julio)
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